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A lecture by Sadiq al Mahdi at Abu Dhabi Sheraton 8/2/97. To the left of him is Dr. Abdul Moniem Balla. To the right of him is Sayed Mubarak al Mahdi NDA secretary general and next to him is Al Sadiq's eldest sons Abdul Rahman head of the Umma Liberation Army.

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Al Baquir Ahmed Abdullah editor in Chief of Al Khartoum daily as he asks Sayed Sadiq a question.

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Sadiq al Mahdi before audience at the American University in Cairo.


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Sadiq al Mahdi as he entered the Oriental Hall at the American University in Cairo.

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Sadiq al Mahdi with American University in Cairo Audience.


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Al Sadiq with Dr. Cyrus Reed head of AUC's office of African Studies.


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Dr. Donald Macdonalds (left) former AUC president and Dr. Cyrus Reed (right)

head of AUC's office of African studies.


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A reception made to Al Sadiq al Mahdi at AUC.

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The audience of Al Sadiq's lecture at AUC.

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Al Sadiq as he moves to the Oriental hall for his lecture.

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First row from the left:the first row from the left:
1- the speaker of the German Parliament
2- Deputy speaker of the European Parliament
3- Sayid Sadig
4- Dr. Hanan Ashrawi
5-. Dr. Osama al-Baz
the rest are the other participants.

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Sayid Sadig with the German State minister of Foreign Affairs.


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1- Sayid Sadig
2- Dr. Basam Tabibi (an expert in Middle east and
islamic movements)
3- Dr. Hanan Ashrawi


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