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Mohammed Ahmed al Mahdi

Founder of contemporary Sudan.


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Ansars retreating in the battle of Khartoum.



Abdelrahman al Mahdi in his early youth. 

Maqboola the wife of al Mahdi and mother of Abdelrahman.


AbdelRahman al Mahdi with the Sudanese delegation to meet King George in London 1919. 


AbdelRahman al Mahdi with some British officers. 

            Umma Party delegation in Egypt From left to right:
1. Babo Nimr
2. Abdel Rahman Ali Taha (My grandfather)
3. Mahmood al Shingiti
4. Sidqi Pasha Egyptian PM
5. Abdullah al Fadil al Mahdi

Umma Party delrgate in Cairo with President Naguib. 

From left to right:
1. Abdelrahman Ali Taha
2. Al Sidiq al Mahdi (Al Sadiq's father)
3. AbdelRahman al Mahdi This picture was taken in 10 Downing street in London.

Sayed Abdelrahman al Mahdi with Sheik Babiker Badri and Abdelrahman Ali Taha at the opening of Al Ahfad University.

standing.jpg (112498 bytes)  Umma Party delegation in Cairo. 

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